The November Drawing Challenge

there is no improvement without practice. DRAWember that is 30 drawings in 3o days.

FOMO! There is this brand of pencils that you only heard stories about. They are the secret to your dream style or skill!

Never used those Prismacolor for portraits? You can’t get the Polychromos to work for you? What better way to try your new pencils out. You might even want to treat yourself with a small set of new pencils especially for the challenge. You can find some links in the Resource section of the site.

Cold pressed, warm pressed, not pressed, bristol vellum, bristol smooth, strathmore, stonehenge, fabriano, archers, canson, sanded paper, pastel mat, drafting film, colored papers…
okay okay I’ll stop now, you get it.

There is a mass out there, and every artist has a different favorite paper. You would like to try them all but somehow you have never gotten the oportunity.

Burnishing, blending, OMS, underpainting, grisaille, substraction technique, mixed media with watercolor/inks/pastels…
There is a neverending list of techniques. You are not brave enough to try those out on your regular drawings? I get that. Well our short drawings throughout the challenge are perfect to experiment. And maybe you will find a new style 😀

You never drew a Portrait? You hate Landscapes? Do you have trouble with drawing shiny objects?
When you think about it you will find a lot of things you have never drawn. Why not try it out during the DRAWember challenge? The prompt will help you to find things to draw, or just draw whatever you like.

Here are the RULES:

GET THOSE PENCILS OUT AND HAVE FUN! Yes it is this simple.

The purpose of this challenge is to improve YOUR skills. This happens through practicing and getting out of your comfort zone. This is why no one can set the rules for you.
ONLY YOU know what this comfort zone is and how to get out of it.

I am a perfectionist and can sit for hours and hours on a drawing. It gives me shivers only thinking on a looser approach – so this will be my DRAWember challenge. I will set myself a timer and will finish a drawing in that time. So I need to observe and decide which details I will take over into the drawing and what I have to ignore.
Do you need some inspiration? Download the 2017 drawing prompt and join our party on Facebook!

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What some of our participants say about DRAWember

“The Line” Issue 3, Strathmore Artist Papers magazine for artists had a whole article about the DRAWember challenge in 2016. Judith Selcuk is talking about her feeling during the challenge and how this helped her in her artists journey. Make sure to Download *The Line* for free and read it yourself. Strathmore Artist Papers

DRAWember is more fun than it sounds. It becomes even more fun with your fellow artists! Dedicating the month of November to your pencils is really exciting.

Be it consistency, inspiration or simply my love for colored pencils. I am looking forward to experiment different styles and celebrate my favorite medium. I will enjoy these 30 days to the fullest!
Happy Drawing!

Anique Azam


What a brilliant challenge. For the beginner and professional colour pencil artist alike. What better way to learn and develop new skills, with only a few minutes each day. Something within the grasp of everyone’s hectic schedule. And the choice of subject is your own.

I love the DRAWember concept!

Michelle Ripari


I am so excited that we are approaching November when I get to explore my creativity for one whole month!

DRAWember was such fun last year and I can highly recommend joining in to spark your creativity, improve your own drawing skills no matter how experienced you are and the support of being able to use a prompt sheet if you wish which negates all mental blocks.

A no-pressure fun experience you wish carried on longer.

Judith Selcuk